This all began as a side project, and it still kinda is. We designed and started selling the Oak Curve Camp Axe in 2017 to fuse our love for the outdoors with the passion of online tech. Through trial and error we are proud to have sold lots of them and build a great reputation through Amazon in the meantime. 

So it was much to our surprise when the axe throwing clubs began purchasing our hatchets with inquiries for bulk orders.  What was this urban axe throwing thing? We dug deeper only to discover it has taken the country (okay the world) quietly by storm. Not only did we find a potential new market but some really awesome people and a whole new sport to learn and grow with. 

You can now find us on our date night throwing the axes at our local club in Minneapolis. In our free time, we brainstorm ways to inspire and equip this growing community. Luckily there are some super talented people who have joined the team. We are blown away at the ideas and innovation for this growing sport. You don't want to miss their brilliantness on the rad new designs and great products coming down the pipe.

So check back often, sign up below for updates, or follow us on social media because we can't wait to show you what's next.


Dave & Emily


Stay updated as we continue to roll out new products for our community.

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